Spider man versus the Siniter Six part 2 – a short story

‘We have him on the ropes, doc,’ Goblin grinned ‘but that Venom has to be eliminated.’
‘An alien symbioth would serve my purposes well,’ Otto Octavius answered ‘I’ll try to hit two birds with one stone.’
Octopus took a sound gun out of his private arrangement of weapons and aimed it at Eddy Brock. He pulled the trigger. A high pitch sound wave blasted the alien costume making it disconnect form it’s host.
‘Like stealing candy from a baby,’ Octopus grinned.
Electro and Sandman had completely demolished the shop were Spider man was hiding. But now they got a taste of their own medicine. Violence. The webslinger’s web shooter covered Max Dillon’s face making him lose control over his electric powers. He hit Sandman who turned to glass by the heat of the electric charges.
‘Dammit Electro, look out what your doing,’ Sandman screamed.
‘That’s just it, that filthy web doesn’t make me see shit and I can’t tare it off.’
Vulture and Goblin soared through the sky wanting to finish Spider man off. Vulture used his blaster, Goblin rockets mounted on his glider.
‘Come to me alien symbioth, together we will do magnificent things,’ Otto said in a sweet manner.
The alien immediately wrapped himself around an unconscious Eddie making him revive. Web shot out of his fists. It took hold of the mechanical arms of Octopus. With a giant snap they came off, disarming Octopus.
Mysterio had kept himself on the background of the battle. He was using illusions to keep himself invisible but Venom detected him effortlessly and but a crack in his fishbowl helmet.
‘Make this labyrinth go away or I’ll rip you to shreds and feast on your brain,’ Venom hissed.
Mysterio released more gas and the impenetrable maze that held Spider man captured disappeared.
Spider man had just one web shooter functional and had to choose between Goblin and Vulture discarding their heavy armament. He hit the glider from the Green Goblin, yanking it in the path of the Vulture.
‘What’s out what you doing, idiot,’ Vulture cursed.
‘Me, it’s you who is hindering me, old fool,’ Goblin yelled ‘you should be in a geriatric ward instead of being in battle.’
‘You take that back, or I’ll destroy you.’
Goblin and Vulture began an air assault against each other.
‘I love it when the bad guys fight with each other,’ Spider man panted.
‘Thank me web head, I saved you today. And someday I want compensation for what I did,’ Venom shouted.
‘If it doesn’t involve murdering innocents I will consider it, Eddie,’ Spider man said ‘If you excuse me now, I have to go home and patch myself up.’
‘Do so, I’ll keep these losers further occupied. Without eating their brains. Not that their would be lot’s to eat,’ Venom grinned his awful smile.

Spiderman versus The Sinister Six – a short story

The gang of thugs known as The Sinister Six had a rotating roster. One of the more permanent members till his death and after his resurrection was doctor Octopus. A vengeful scientist with four metallic arms etched to his body. Capable of tearing apart things, throwing them with great velocity. He really was into electronics. But his latest achievement he had made in biochemistry. A field of research he had pursued since he impersonated Spider man by taking over his body.

‘I call her Lava Girl, she’ll make a fine member of this ragged bunch,’ he said proudly.
‘Excuse me I don’t share in your bliss, Otto, but how do we know we can trust this girl?’ The Vulture asked, he was one of the senior members always challenging doctor Octopus. Adrian Toomes had developed a flight suit gravely increasing his strength and earning him his name.

‘Why I created her, she is my faithful assistant. Take a bow, dear. These are your comrades in arms,’ Otto commanded.
Lava Girl complied.
‘Well, she sure is hot,’ Electro grinned. Electro or Max Dillon was a living dynamo of electricity able to manipulate, store and emit it.
‘And this is the master of illusions, Mysterio.’
‘He has a bowl on his head,’ Lava Girl noticed.
‘Yes, I am aware he dresses odd,’ Otto replied ‘last but not least we have the Green Goblin. That ratchet wall-crawlers arch-nemesis and Sandman, a creature capable of turning into sand. He can do amazing things.’
‘All right, Octavius, enough of the sweet talk. What can she do exactly?’ Sandman asked.
‘Do it Lava Girl, show us your powers,’ the Green Goblin added laughing insanely.
The girl opened her hand, a ball of scolding hot magma formed, she lunged the fireball to the bar completely setting it on fire. The metal tabs for the beer were melting.
‘Hey, I was still thirsty,’ Electro complained.
‘Time for drinking lies past us, gentlemen, I give you all a communication device. Scour the city. Find Spider man and alert us, we will hang up on him and destroy that pesky spider once and for all,’ doctor Octopus commanded.

Why you call it the Sinister Six, we are with more.’ Lava Girl asked.
‘Don’t concern your pretty little head about the team’s size, Lava Girl, just be on the look out for a blue and red man in tights pretending to be a spider. You’ll probably catch him in the air firing his infernal web,’ Otto Octavius instructed his protegee.
The one who first spotted Spider man in the Bronx was Sandman.
‘The bug is here, he is trying to stop a mugger.’
‘Wait for us to arrive, Sandy’ Electro answered ‘I want to fry his intestines.’
‘Screw that, if your late it’s your own fault, I am taking first dibs on that freak,’ Sandman said.
He turned into a gigantic creature of sand, with a stone hard outstretched arm he tried to squash Spider man. But his faithful Spider Sense alerted him to the danger making him dodge the attack.

‘Sandman, are you finally out of jail. You just dying to get back in, I can tell.’ Spider man answered with a joke.
Mysterio had arrived. His hallucinogenic gasses transformed the street into a labyrinth of walls.
Spider man was now separated of his attackers and couldn’t see them.
‘Lava Girl, your turn, fry him,’ Octavius said ‘my arms are fireproof, I’ll take him in a nice hold so you can perform your task.’
His arms stretched out rapidly and starting choking the Spider. Lava Girl formed another ball of hot magma and thew it to Spider man. He became badly burned.
Electro fired his electricity bolts from above. Vulture and Goblin bombarded the area with their grenades and pumpkinbombs.
‘He surely is done for, now,’ Green Goblin laughed ‘at last that infernal Spider is dead.’
Out of the blazing fire a man stepped, barely able to keep himself straight up. It was Spider man, he had burning wounds and his costume was all torn up.

Sandman hit him with a concrete fist, catapulting him in a store.
Electro blasted it with electricity. Lava Girl threw magma at it. Her hair a smokey cloud while she raised her body temperature. The store was demolished.
‘Leave the Spider to me, I am the Lethal Protector, you rodents, and I am here to protect,’ suddenly I chilling voice spoke.
The Sinister bunch turned their attention to the newcomer. It was Venom, Eddie Brock, failed reporter wrapped in an alien suit. Also not one of Spider man greatest fans. His green drool slipped from his long tongue, revealing razor sharp teeth.
‘Team, destroy him too, nobody will deny us our vengeance,’ doctor Octopus commanded.
Vulture and Goblin descended throwing their lethal projectiles.. Electro hit the symbiotic alien head on, it made him barely flinch.
Lava Girl blasted him with fire; The alien suit cried out in agony. Fire and sound were his weaknesses.
‘Good, I am gonna start with you, you definitely are the most dangerous one of these clowns,’ Venom spoke.
His organic webbing caught Lava Girl in a net. He quickly swung hit through the air making her land hard against a wall. She was unconscious right away.
‘Get him, my Sinister Six,’ Otto cried furious.

To be continued…

Your money or your life – a short story

It was on a rainy afternoon. I took a shortcut leading me trough a narrow street. The man came up to me flashing a gun.
‘Your money or your life.’
‘Take my life, please. It won’t be considered suicide. My soul will go to heaven and you’ll burn in hell.’
‘What are you, some religious nut?’
‘No, I am divorced three times, have maxed out credit cards and two mortgages. The bank will soon go for foreclosure.’
‘I am not here to listen to sad stories, I am not a psychiatrist. Give me something, or I’ll put a bullet in your brain,’ the mugger said really menacing.
‘I’ll do one step forward so you have a better aim.’
I came closer.
The mugger was baffled.
‘Man, you are sure crazy as hell. I am outta here.’
He started running leaving me alone.
‘I rather he had killed me,’ I sighed and followed my way through this depressing city.

The dream catcher – a short story

It was an old Native American relic,
created to catch dreams at night.
She hung it up at her door.
But something went awry. The dreams came through all distorted.
Wicked evil portraying in them.
She didn’t sleep anymore.
Kate made mistakes on her job.
The boss gave her a negative evaluation.
One night the dream catcher seemed to speak to her.
My prey lays there for me to catch. You wear the curse on your body.
The forefathers demand justice. You will have to fight your way to the realm of dreams.
The nightmarish world she wandered in sapped her strength,
and her soul was in peril.
Monsters plagued her; she held an arm in front of her crying face not to have to witness the abominations.
They found her body with the dream catcher firmly clenched in her fist the next day. Terror had caused her a heart attack.


The Flash was the fastest person in the world. Running at speeds that enabled him to travel time. He did it only as a last resort. But this time the live of two of his friends was on the line. Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon where kidnapped by the Rogues. They were two small criminals. Leonard Snart carried a frost gun, Rory a heat gun. They had traveled through time with an experimental time machine designed by Mercury Labs.
It all smelled like an ambush but Barry Allen wasn’t the person to ditch on his friends.
His adopting father Joe said he had to be careful. The inspector was proud of his son but feared the opposition. Iris was there too, the girl he loved.
‘Come back, safely, Barry.’ She was in tears.
‘It are only the Rogues, they won’t put up too much of a fight,’ Barry tried to lighten the mood.
Unfortunately he hadn’t counted the psychopathic Zoom would be there too to settle an account with the speedster.
He found a portal to Earth 2, a place much a like to his Earth but not identical. This planet had a lot to suffer from Zooms constant attacks.
‘Professor Wells, can I cross this portal safely?’
‘Yes, Barry, but keep in mind mister Allen you have to maintain a constant speed or you’ll be thrown back in the Stone Age.’
‘Alright, here goes nothing.’
Flash accelerated crossing the portal. He ended up in a sort of abandoned warehouse. There the first things he saw were a collection of dead doppelgangers. Other Flashes who had died a horrible dead.
A frost beam hit his leg, slowing him. Snart had attacked.
‘I’ll fry you like a chicken,’ Rory grinned using his heat gun.
Cisco wearing his glasses stretched out a hand and propelled the villain back.
‘Cisco be careful Caitlyn screamed.’
Snart directed his attention to Flash his friend and encased him in ice.
Caitlyn screamed.
‘Why doctor Snow, isn’t it fitting I treat your friend like this,’ Leonard grinned ‘I always say let it snow.’
Barry went full throttle. He hit Snart hard, propelling the Frost gun out of his hands.
‘Well well, look who showed up?’ a monstrous voice said malevolent.
It was Zoom, the speedster dressed in black. Actually a serial killer who got his powers after the explosion of a particle accelerator.
The first thing he did was kill fourteen cops. Letting one live long enough to tell the story before killing him at home.
‘You have no change against me, Flash. I’ve stolen the speed of all your duplicates. I am now fast enough to outrun the time specters wanting to kill me.’
Barry created a time remnant. A copy made in the past that would add him in tackling Zoom.
‘Pathetic, I can make a lot more of them.’
Zoom, encased in blue lightening shifted gear and created six identical creatures.
Flash new he was at a disadvantage. His only hope was Cisco vibing Zoom out of the way. The man didn’t disappoint, he fired a beam. Zoom was slung back. Then Cisoc opened a portal to Earth 4, a abandoned planet. Flash jumped, pushing Zoom trough.
The fight reached a climax.
‘I will rip out your heart and add it to the collection,’ Zoom said out of his mind with anger.
‘I think not.’ Flash fired the Frost Gun Snart had dropped.
‘Enjoy you stay on Earth 4’ Flash happily said.
Zoom yelled angrily:’you and your friends are all dead.’
The portal closed behind Flash.
Cisco opened another one to Earth 1.
‘I be glad to be in my own Central City, Flash said.’
‘Home to sociopath meta humans wanting to kill you,’ Caitlin added.
‘At least they are my meta humans?’ Flash responded quickly.’

Barroom brawl – a short story

Johnny didn’t like when people were ogling his girl. Amaranthe was an attractive young woman and the reason for a lot of broken noses.
‘A scotch on the rocks,’ he told the bartender.
‘You are going to keep your manners this time, don’t you, Johnny?’ the bartender asked concerned.
‘Mind your business, buddy,’ Johnny said ‘and leave the bottle on the table.’
The work shift was over and it began to get crowded in the bar.
Amaranthe became friendly with a distinguished man with grey hair. He wore spectacles and a nice costume.
Johnny spitted on the floor.
‘What are you two talking about,’ he asked in an aggressive manner.
‘Oh, Johnny, this man is a writer, he wants to use me in one of his books.’
Johnny squinted his eyes. ‘Oh, really,’ he said clenching his fists.
The murmur around them had stopped. Everybody was anxious what was going to happen next.

Johnny lunged himself towards the writer who kicked a stool in front of his feet. Down went Johnny.
‘Buddy, you are in a lot of trouble,’ Johnny cursed.
‘I beg to reconsider, sir, I have fought in bar room brawls while you still were wearing diapers,’ the writer grinned.
Johnny took a chair and beat the writer with it.
To his amazement he didn’t even flinched.
‘You see this? the writer asked.
He had produced a fountain pen and a notebook.
‘A pen, what you gonna do with that, you freak,’ Johnny exclaimed.
The writer stood still writing a couple of lines.
Johnny disappeared in a cloud of smoke. He screamed.
The writer closed his notebook.
‘The pen is more powerful than the sword,’ he said briefly ‘you want to have dinner with me, dear?’ he asked Amaranthe holding his arm out.
‘Sure, bar room brawls always leave me famished, mister…’
‘Oh call me Ernest, I am Ernest Hemingway and you are absolutely ravaging, my dear.’

Fantasy world

In 2150 we are all connected to Cybernet. We won’t be using our eyes anymore. Goggles will be the new normal. Everybody will live in his or her fantasy world. Be the hero or villain of their own realm. People won’t talk to each other anymore in real life. Everything will be done via chatrooms or instant messaging. The world will be a very different place. The inhabitable West will know his share of calamities true climate change. But clothes suited to regulate temperature levels will keep it bearable.

The first wars for drinkable water are well under way. The US is in a bitter struggle with Russia-China and the world is a much unsafer place to grow up in. But those hooked to Cybernet are all quite oblivious of that.
‘Jen, you wonna slay a dragon?’ popped up on the screen of the goggles.
It was Tira, Jen’s regular playing companion on Fantasy Quest, a role playing game.
‘Count me in, were do we meet?’
‘Mount Doom, be sure to be on the look out for Specter’s.’
‘My bow and arrow are at your service, Tira, let’s kick some ass.’
She was immediately transported to her fantasy world.
Jen was baffled. There was a cloaked man waiting for her. He held a rapier. His face was hidden behind a gold mask.
Without saying anything he launched an attack. Killing Jen in the digital realm.

In real life she dropped to the ground, foaming at the mouth, brain dead.
‘I am the world greatest hacker,’ the man in the mask said ‘and now all indolent pretenders on Cybernet will pay the price for looking away.’

The constant attacks and dead users did Cybernet in. It was abolished in 2170. Nobody got to knew the identity of the mysterious hacker. The only thing he wanted out of this was people opened their eyes to the dire circumstances in the real world.

The invisible man – a short story

Trevor Collins had a remarkable gift. Nobody seemed to notice him. It got him a bully-free life at school were even the teachers overlooked him. Baffled by their shortcomings they gave him outstanding grades.

Collins could have had any job he wanted. But professional hit man was his favorite gig. Getting rich quickly and ending human life that never seemed to notice him. Excellent!

His employers were taken in with his discrete behavior and payed happily.

The day it all went wrong was when for the first time in his life he got noticed. By a beautiful girl who asked him out on a date.

Trevor didn’t know what came over him. He accepted eagerly. After one sip of his latte he hit the table dead as a door nail. It was poisoned.

The woman laughed.
‘It takes an invisible one to catch another invisible one,’ she remarked, whispering in Trevor’s ear. Then she stood up and left the bar. Nobody attempted to stop her, nobody saw her leave. The corpse of Trevor was only found after it started to rot.

More than she could handle – a short story

Jenny took a hard step. She hired a private investigator to know what her husband was up to. Working overtime had gone on for months now and at the firm they had said he did leave at a normal hour.

The private eye was one of the best. Stanlely didn’t notice he got tailed. He went in into a sleazy motel. The investigator smelled his prey committing his final mistake and took out his camera.
Nothing happened. A beautiful looking woman left the motel. No Stanley in sight. Could it be she was already in the motel before him? He needed a picture of both of them in action or he wouldn’t get payed.

This went on for several weeks. Frustration took hold of the private eye. At one moment he barged in and asked the clerk in which room Stanley was staying. They knew of course nobody going by that name.
‘Hi, Stacey, looking great, hun,’ the clerk said with a wink.
The private eye turned around and saw the woman with a shock of recognition. It was Stanley alright. He didn’t had an affair after all. But a secret to keep he had for sure.

The haunted lake – a short story

Once a year they visited the lake. They brought tents with them, food, beer and some pot.
They got high, got the giggles and told each other stupid stories. They were friends from high school who stayed in touch.

‘I have to take a piss, I’ll be right back,’ Steve said stumbling through the bushes.
‘Oh, are you shy to show your wiener,’ Angelica teased him.
After half an hour they started to miss him.
‘Brad, go look for Steve, but be cautious, maybe there is a wild animal on the prowl,’ Debbie said.
‘Why do I always have to babysit that guy,’ Brad cursed but stood up and moved through the bushes anyway.
Suddenly the twigs started moving. A blind, old lady stepped out of the shrubbery and pointed at Debbie and Angelica.
‘Intruders,’ she hissed ‘this is a holy place. She took out a bag, something was oozing out of it. They couldn’t make it out because it was so dark.
She threw out the content. It was the head of Steve and Brad frozen in horror.
Angelica and Debbie screamed in terror.
‘The two of you should be enough to restore my youth and eyesight,’ murmured the crazy, old lady drawing an Atame, a witch’s knife.
Debbie and Angelica started to run. They didn’t knew where they were going or where the parked the car. Blind panic overcame them.
Debbie who was in a bad condition started lagging behind. She was grabbed by something. She screamed.
A ferocious black panther clawed her back open. Angelica watched it in terror, took a branch and turned back to help her friend.
It was no use, Debby had already bled to death.
The panther quickly glanced at Angelica still holding the thick branch. She swung as hard as she could, hitting him on the head. The beast shook his head in anger and leaped forward sinking his teeth in Angelica’s neck.

The police founded the corpses a couple of days later. Raven had gotten their feast on the remains. A beautiful woman left the woods.
‘Mam, did you see somebody here who could be responsible for this massacre,’ a cop asked the woman.
‘Not a single one, officer, I just arrived today you see,’ she said innocent. She tried to hid an evil smile.

Versus Thanos – a short story

The Avengers figured out Thanos was behind the attack from the D.C. universe on their own world. Suspecting he has control of the infinity stones again they prepare for a deep space mission.
‘Captain Marvel, you fly ahead. I don’t want any nasty surprises when we arrive,’ Iron Man ordered.
‘What do I do if I make contact?’ the blonde superhero asked.
‘Don’t, I repeat do not engage,’ said Captain America ‘just report back. If your not back here in an hour we come to your rescue.’
‘Bwa, Hulk hates waiting, let’s smash that purple freak right now.’
‘Remember friend Thor, he kicked your ass the last time you met,’ Thor teased him.
‘He cheated, with his little stones,’ Hulk sulked.

After an hour their was no sign of Captain Marvel.’
‘That’s it, the wait is over,’ Captain America said gloomy ‘fire up the Quinjets.’
They flew to the dark side of the moon, the possible hiding place of Thanos. They were greeted by a hail of comets coming at them with great velocity.
‘Use the board cannons, Hulk and Thor, go outside and crush as many of these rocks, I’ll go with you,’ Iron Man said in his deep space suit.
Miraculously they weren’t hit. Hulk pulverized the stones with his bare fists. Thor hit them with concentrated lightening and Iron Man used his Unibeam.
Hasty they landed on the moon’s surface.
A purple figure stood waiting for them with crossed arms and an evil grin.
‘So you come to your death as eager lambs,’ he said with an unearthly voice.
Besides him stood Captain Marvel, completely encased in ice.
‘She makes a beautiful ornament doesn’t she?’ Thanos asked cruelly.
Iron Man used his repulsorblast to free her. But Thanos deflected it back to him.
‘Suit at 80%, Sir, I advice against such a brass action again,’ his onboard computer said.
‘Thanks, Jarvis, I didn’t figured that out yet,’ Tony grunted sarcastically.
Hulk stormed forth, attacking Thanos head on. They exchanged blows and it didn’t look good for the Green Giant. The Powerstone have Thanos an unwelcome advantage.
Hawkeye aimed an arrow.
‘I hope this works,’ he said.
The arrow landed a couple of meters of Thanos. It emitted a powerful noise. Thanos had to hold his ears. Hulk planted a blow right on his chin.
Captain America threw his shield. It hit the gauntlet with the stones. Black Widow concentrated fire on it while Tony attempted to free Captain Marvel for the second time. This time he succeeded. She immediately took of and flew over Thanos whisking his gauntlet from his wrist. Afterwards she blasted him with cosmic energy. The Mad Titan hit the ground.
‘This was our last bout, Thanos, I place you outside time,’ Iron Man said fitting the gauntlet flicking his fingers.
Thanos screamed in anger and faded away.
‘Tony, are you okay?’ Captain America asked ‘the last time you used the stones you died.’
‘This modified deep space suit is sturdier than the previous version,’ Tony boasted.
Back on earth they held a little party. Thor and Hulk arm wrestled. Tony encouraged them drinking a mocktail.

Mother-in-law – a short story

She folded her handkerchief neatly,
like everything she did it was all measured and controlled.
My mother-in-law and I saw never eye to eye.
‘So when does the divorce is settled?’ she inquired with that uptight accent.
‘Soon as we figure out visitation rights for Danny.’
It was our only child made when we were in Paris on our honeymoon,
far from that nosy eagle.
‘I wouldn’t go for too much, Michael, you never were a proper father.’
‘How do you mean?’
‘You spoil Danny, he will become an ill-disciplined child.’
Out of frustration I spilled coffee over my trousers.
I had to leave for work in an hour and could miss this.
‘Clumsy like always,’ the cold woman said.
‘You want a refill,’ Michael asked politer the could be expected.
‘That’s the one thing your good are making coffee.’
He went to the kitchen.
When he returned he smiled. He saw her take a sip,
falling dead from the couch.
‘I am very good with untraceable poisons to,’ he said and started to whistle.

Vanished – a short story

People started vanishing after the ritual in the woods.
A coven of witches had gathered to call on the spirits.
One by one the group was picked off.
This gave cause to alarm.
There bodies were never found,
like they went up into thin air.
Allison decided something had to happen.
‘It’s full moon, we have to perform the ritual again,’ she insisted.
‘Are you crazy,’ Debby exclaimed ‘look what happened last time.’
‘It can’t possibly become any worse, Debs.’
‘Or coven isn’t that strong anymore,’ Andrea warned Allison ‘I don’t know if we can pull it off.’
‘We have to, we are this town it’s only hope.’
They voted on it. Allison won with the support of Tasha and Petra.

At the night of the full moon they started burning incense near a pentagram. They sacrificed a pigeon they had killed.
‘Oh, great spirit, show mercy. Please quit make people disappear.’
The wind started rustling through the trees.
A ghostly present emanated from the pentagram.
‘You are foolish girls playing with powers you don’t comprehend,’ the unreal voice thundered.
They were transported to another realm.
There was a pool of fire, winged demons with spears probing nude figures trying to escape the flames.
‘Hell will be a good place for you witches,’ the ghost bellowed.
‘We have to get out here.’
‘There is a way,’ said the ghost ‘best my champion.’
‘And who is that.’
‘Uruk, come over here,’ the ghost commanded.
The rocky floor started trembling. The footsteps were loud. A giant appeared, he had one eye. It was a cyclops. He was very muscular, in his giant hand he held a mighty club.
‘Defeat him and you are free to go,’ the ghost said ‘and I shall release everyone I have taken too.’
The girls were panicking. The grunt came closer swinging his club.
Allison closed her eyes and mumbled a protecting hex. The club came down but ricochet of an invisible wall protecting the witches.
‘Quickly, let’s try a banishing spell,’ Allison said.
They sat down, took each others hand and started chanting. First nothing happened and the cyclops would sure have murdered them. But then the red brute started boiling. His skin burst open. With a thunderous cry he went up in flames.

‘Impressive, you have more power than I imagined,’ the ghost said more kindly ‘I keep my promise, I’ll send you back.’
They awoke in the forest. It was past midnight. The next day the town was celebrating the return of the missing ones who all told a strange tale of hell. None were the wiser about the coven.

A Marvel – D.C. comics crossover – a short story

The breach between realms came unsuspected. No alarms went off in Stark’s Tower. Iron Man was tinkering on one of his new armors when he suddenly sensed somebody behind his back. A large pale person stood there.
‘Who the hell are you, and how did you pass the alarms?’ Tony asked.
‘Solomon Grundie…’ the giant answered with a coarse voice.
He attacked immediately before Stark could get into armor. One punch with it’s massive hand floored him. The next moment Solomon got hit by a shield in his neck. He turned dazed.
Captain America stood in the doorway.
‘Tony are you alright?’ he asked worried.
‘A couple of loose teeth Cap, nothing to serious,’ Tony grunted.
Next the skylight scattered. A caped person dressed as a bat swung in on a grappling hook.
‘For our universe to live we have to kill yours,’ the Bat said ‘I am terrible sorry.’
‘Well, don’t be, we won’t be the ones defeated,’ Captain America said with a stern voice.
A woman stormed in wearing shield and sword. Wonder Woman attacked the Captain with the aid of Batman. It was through the supersoldier serum, his ardent training and experience he wasn’t defeated immediately. Tony pressed a button on his watch. His armor attached itself to his body.
‘Repulsors on full power!’ he yelled. Two beams knocked Batman and Wonder Woman temporary unconscious.
Hulk barged in.
‘What’s noise, Hulk can’t sleep,’ he growled angrily.
It was in a nick of time because through the broken skylight Superman flew in.
‘This ends now, your earth has a yellow sun too, you’ll find me unbeatable.’
Hulk snarled and hurtled an expensive looking machine towards the invader who destroyed it with a single blow.’
‘Not my spectrometer,’ Tony sighed ‘I upgraded that just yesterday.’
Superman flew with lighting speed to the Hulk passing a mighty blow. But the madder Hulk get’s the stronger he becomes. The following blow landed on Clarck Kents nose, Superman was thrown out of the skylight with a broken nose.
Outside Spiderman was also fighting with a couple of adversaries. Bane and the Joker both attacked him. Joker managed to hit him with a poisoned blade but Spiderman’s unique metabolism fought it. Bane gripped him in a iron bear hug. Spiderman couldn’t move.
‘Now let’s cut out those nasty bug eyes of yours,’ Joker giggled insanely.
A circle of flame engulfed him. The human torch had arrived, he could light himself on fire, fly and turn up the heat really quickly. He was a member of the Fantastic Four and friend of the wall-crawler.
A firebolt hit Bane who let lose of his prey.
‘Hey, Storm, watch it, you almost fried me,’ Spiderman yelled.
‘Thanks for nothing, webhead.’ Johnny grinned.

In his sanctum sanctorum Doctor Strange was working on a spell to repel the invaders. But suddenly a man in a helmet appeared.
‘I am your better, yield to doctor Strangefate,’ he said arrogantly.
‘By the Rings of Hoggoth, I don’t know who you are but you made a grave mistake entering here.’
Strange bounded Strangefate in the bands of the Cyttorack which were near unbreakable.
Strangefate however managed to get loose and attacked himself.
Strange however managed to touch a large purple stone and say an incantations. Suddenly the portal between the realms closed and all invaders were transported back to their universe.
‘That was a close one,’ Strange mumbled.

The Avengers had invited all combatants to discuss what happened.
‘The breach was a temporary one caused by the use of the Infinity Stones.’
‘But those were destroyed,’ Spiderman said ‘why are all the worst things coming back, it’s like watching reruns on television.’
‘Buy Netflix, web-head,’ Tony cracked a joke ‘anyway we all know who has those stones.’
‘I dare not say it. It’s like calling the name Voldemort aloud,’ Spiderman said.
‘It’s pointy purple pruneskin,’ Hulk said ‘I’ll smash him.’
‘Thanos is dangerous, Hulk, even for you, we will have to assemble a strike team.’
‘But first we would have to locate him.’
‘Jarvis, scan for the energy of the infinity stones,’ Tony commanded his computer system.
‘Unable to comply, sir, the machine said ‘the attack severely compromised me.’
‘Alright, hang tight, this can take a while to fix,’ Tony sighed.
‘Time is something we don’t have,’ Strange said ‘I’ll try a spell instead.’
He drew a circle around him. Placed several candles and started meditating.
After what seemed an eternity he opened his eyes.
‘He is on the dark side of the moon.’
‘Alright, we will fire up the Quinjets, seems we will be taking a space trip,’ Tony answered.

To be continued…

Attack at Kentucky – a short story

Mallus his henchmen didn’t take long to pick up the trail to Kentucky where our young sorceress was hiding.
Phalange, a cybernetic creature caught her on his scanner.
‘Residual energy of the teleport, sir, if you wish we can follow her right there.’
‘Oracle,’ Mallus ordered a dwarf like creature with spiky hair and long upstanding ears ‘open a gateway and bring us there.’
‘Yes, boss, right away.’
The dwarf snapped his fingers, a golden portal appeared out of thin air.
People where baffled looking at this strange gang, some used their phones to film them.

The farm was overrun in a second. Mallus blasted the walls of the shed into smithereens, the roof came tumbling down.
‘Our barn,’ Edgar moaned.
‘Quiet, dear,’ Emma reprimanded him.
‘They will pay for this,’ Amaryllis said quietly.
‘Dear, you eyes are looking yellow,’ Emma noticed.
‘I need all my powers to beat them, I can’t keep up appearances anymore. You’ll have to see me in my real form.
She became blue-skinned again.
The dog creature sniffed the air and growled.
‘They are over that hill, boss,’ he said pointing to Amaryllis her hiding spot.
Then lighting dropped out of a blue sky, killing the doglike being instantly.
Mallus aimed his hammer but still couldn’t see his opponent.
Phalange sent a drone from his shoulder compartment in the air.
The other three were just soldiers with the same blue skin as Amaryllis. They held energy rifles and looked nervous.
Amaryllis didn’t wait until she got discovered. She clapped her hands. A tornado came racing of the hill. The soldiers were taken by surprise and whisked away.
Mallus fired his hammer. Amaryllis took a direct impact and dropped unconscious to the floor.
‘Phalange, call your drone back and put a force disabling ring around her neck. We taking the princess back to Aludra.’
A shot sounded. It bounced of Mallus attire. Edgar had fired his hunting rifle.
Mallus wanted to reach for his hammer but it was gone.
‘Looking for this?’ Emma asked angrily.
She pointed the thing at Mallus. It discharged. Emma hit the ground through the backlash.
Mallus screamed, he was reduced to ashes. The dwarf panicked and opened a portal, Phalange followed him right through. Leaderless they were defeated.

Amaryllis came to her senses in the bed she had received from Emma the night before.
‘Here, have some chicken soup, it will bring your strength back.’
‘Luckily I could turn my hide into stone before impact,’ Amaryllis croaked.
‘Shh, no speaking, just eating, young lady.’
‘And Edgar?’
‘Don’t you mind him he is with his buddies, stubborn as a cow that man is milking them at this hour but he did help safe you.’
‘Thanks for everything,’ Amaryllis whispered, tears ran from her eyes.
‘If you feel up to it one day, child, you should tell me your life story, I believe it must be very interesting.’
Amaryllis she promised she would all explain in the morning.
Emma stood up and left leaving Amaryllis with a hot brew of sweet smelling chicken soup. Amaryllis gulped it down and burned her tongue. She got a warm feeling inside and fell a sleep right away.

Amaryllis- a short story

She came from Aludra a planet far away behind Cassiopeia. It was a place were magic still existed. She had created a portal to another inhabitable world. The first thing she noticed was that everyone was staring at her.
‘Is it Halloween?’ someone shouted.
She saw what the reason was of the commotion. The earth dwellers were pink, yellowish, brown our black. Not blue. Also they had no yellow eyes.
Quickly she used a cloaking spell to turn herself invisible. She would need to touch one of them to mimic their appearance. Now it was the task of selecting one. She had discovered she shared more common traits with some which on earth would be called females. She picked one out. Immediately she morphed into an exact replica. People where gasping with surprise. Some had their phones out and started filming. Amaryllis saw them as weapons and used a protective spell destroying the phones. That infuriated the inhabitants.
‘Hey, bitch, you know how much this Iphone has set me back?’ one yelled mad.
She decided not to stay and used a spell to transport her to somewhere safe. She landed in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and was drowning since she didn’t know how to swim. With her lungs full of water she teleport one more time and landed on a farm nearby Kentucky.
A farmer had spotted her and left his tractor.
‘Where did you come from?’ he asked.
Amaryllis had copied the memories of the woman she touched so she could understand and speak the language.
‘Sir, can I hide over here, they are after me?’
‘Look, lady,’ the grey man with the mustache said ‘I don’t want any trouble. Are you running from the law?’
‘No, there are bad people after me. They have it in for me because I witnessed them burning our village.’
‘I didn’t heard anything of a burning village. Emma! Come over here, we have a stranger talking nonsense.’ he yelled to the door of the farm.
A lady appeared. She had some grey in her raven black hair, a gentle look. She smiled at Amaryllis.
‘Where are you from, dear?’
Amaryllis decided she had to deliver some proof of her extraterrestrial origin to convince these two so she lifted her finger, made a spiraling gesture and turned an oak tree into solid stone.
The man his jaw was dropping.
‘Did you do that?’ Emma asked curiously.
‘Yes, and I can do more. I am prepared to help out and do chores if I can stay here for a while.’
‘Edgar, where is your hospitality, this poor thing must be famished. Ask her if she wants to sit with us and eat. I have supper ready.’
‘Sure, dear,’ Edgar answered reluctantly ‘so you want to eat something?’
‘That would be kind, sir,’ Amaryllis smiled.
‘Don’t you sir me, I am no senior citizen, call me Eddie.’
‘Okay Eddie, and I am Amaryllis, but call me just Ama.’

In New York a second portal opened. Mallus, a tall, muscular, bald man stepped out of it took his large hammer to incinerate some citizens. A NYPD car stopped. Two agents stepped out with drawn weapons.
‘Freeze, freak. Hands up, you are under arrest!’
Mallus grinned. He aimed his hammer. The cops fired. Bullets ricochet off Mallus his chest plate. He blasted the car with his hammer and killed the two cops in the process. Five others left the portal.
‘Yar, do you pick up the witch her scent?’
‘Faintly,’ the doglike creature said, his brown fur stood up while he sniffed ‘she teleported to another place.’
‘No problem, we will find her eventually,’ Mallus said to his crew ‘and then I’ll peel the skin of her bones.’

To be continued

Botched up – a short story

‘Doctor, I feel strange, it’s like I have three eyes.’
‘Well miss Cruz, as a matter of fact you do.’ the old man said hesitantly.
‘I beg your pardon,’ miss Cruz jumped out of her seat.
‘Calm your horses, lady, we will fix this. You want a scotch to calm the nerves. I’ll think I take myself one.’
Then she noticed his trembling hands.
In 2200 facial surgery had come a long way. No mere face lift was possible. Complete reconstitution of the face was in reach for the wealthy. You wanted to look like a celebrity. No problem, the Image Compiler-machine could make you a spitting image of her or him.
‘What went wrong?’ the woman demanded to know.
‘We had a New Year’s party.’
‘We are July.’
‘It’s been put on hold through Covid. Anyway we drank a tad too much.’
‘So you mean you ruined my face because you where drunk?’ miss Cruz shouted.
The doctor watched for a moment the overcast sky through his window.
It was the story of his life. Being bullied at school, doing long over his degree, being divorced more times than he could count on one hand. Working eighteen hours a day to pay for alimony. Some of his kids were on the criminal path, one had died from an overdose. His life lay in shambles. But tell that to miss Cruz.
‘Of course we will reimburse you or do perform a corrective surgery removing the flaws,’ the doctor said with a hint of melancholy.
‘Don’t bother, I never said one foot in this place again,’ sniffed miss Cruz with disdain and she stood up and left, marching like a soldier.
The doctor poured himself another scotch. Wasn’t this the beginning of a crappy day?

Turned – a short story

The assault rifle poked in his ribs. He had to carry Walter and the bastard was heavy.
‘Why take him along, he is been bitten,’ Amy complained.
‘If we are quick enough to amputate his leg he might make it. We just have to find a safe place.’
‘How about that cabin?’
‘Nicely spotted, good,’ he put Walter who was unconscious on the floor and cocked his gun, ‘you cover me,’ he said to Amy.
He opened the door with a yank and stepped in the dusty room. There were no zombies to be seen.
‘Good, let’s fetch wood and get water for the operation.’
‘We have no medical supplies.’
‘That’s why I am going to use my bowie knife, knock him out cold and cauterize his wound,’ James said with a sad grin.

Amy went for water. She filled a rusty bucket. Then she heard a growl. Their was a zombie blocking her way; her rifle stood against a tree out of her reach. She pulled her knife and lunged forward. With one quick stab she hit the zombie in the eye, damaging the brain. He dropped on the floor. The stench was unbearable.

The operation was hell. It took forever to separate Walter’s leg, he lost a lot of blood. Amy wondered this wasn’t a waste of time.
James closed the wound with a white hot fireplace poker.
‘Now let him rest. He makes it or he doesn’t,’ James said exhausted.
Without eating the dropped on the floor and fell asleep. Walter got the bed.
In the night an odd footstep sounded. It was skipping. Amy got awoken. She saw Walter standing there growling, saliva dripping from his mouth, eyes milky white.
It had all been for nothing. She grabbed her gun and blew his head off.
James woke up from the bang.
‘He turned anyway,’ Amy said furious.
‘Then it’s just me and you, kid,’ James said.

Pyromaniac? – a short story

‘I doubt there is a pyromaniac on the loose, Watson,’ Holmes said lighting his pipe ‘these burned down buildings weren’t chosen randomly.’
‘Well what’s your theory then?’
‘Somebody wants to gentrify the neighborhood. They probably bought a lot of property here at bottom prices. Now they are panicking the people to sell their houses too and move out.’
‘You have a suspect?’
‘Allan Prince, real estate entrepreneur with one of the biggest firms in the country.’
‘Do we get to make an appointment?’
‘Not necessary, he goes to golf every Sunday, we catch him on the court.’

Allan Prince wore a wig, had bleached teeth and a face lift. It was obvious he was trying to hide his age.
Sherlock was interested in what more he had to hide.
‘Allan Prince, Sherlock Holmes, private detective. I want to now why you don’t refrain from barbecuing that part of the South End.’
‘This is a private club, you don’t belong here.’
He twitched and showed transpiration. His body language have him away.
‘Who do you hire to do your dirty jobs? Some junkie?’
‘I only answer to the police.’
‘Funny, we called them, captain Gregson sent someone with an arrest warrant this way. You see we found in your storehouse a lot of jerrycans with combustibles. An odd thing for a real estate developer to have.’

After being arrested under loud protest he was brought to the 11th Precinct. Constable Higgins was present by the interrogation.
Detective Bell was harsh and relentless.
Prince’s lawyer wasn’t any better.
The two wrestled about the confession of their perp and client.
Sherlock coughed and said;’ we found a burner phone in a hidden pocket in your coat. It was used to dial one number that is now out of service. Is it the man responsible for the fires?’
‘No, it was…’ Prince started to choke and vomit.
‘My God,’ his lawyer exclaimed.
‘Quick, he is been poisoned, someone did something in his coffee,’ Holmes deducted.
But all help came to late Prince lay with eyes widespread with is head on the interrogation room with wide-spread eyes and a sense of disbelief on his dead face.
Holmes took the coffee plate. He turned it around. A note was attached with the single letter “M”.
‘Moriarty was behind this. And what’s worse, he has a mole in this precinct.’ Holmes said ominously.

To be continued…

Stairway – a short story

‘I told you we should have taken the door on the left!’ she exclaimed.
Danny tuned out Patricia and climbed the endless stairs.
‘It lead to a room exactly the same as we were leaving, Patty, no sense in walking in a loop.’
‘You are fruity loops, for all I care. Take me home. It’s freezing in here.’
‘Hey is it my idea or are those walls growing thicker and the stairs smaller.’
‘I dunno know, I just do my best not to fall off.’
The stairway echoed with steps coming from beneath them.
Danny looked over the banister but couldn’t spot anybody.
‘At least we are not alone in here,’ he tried to brighten the mood.
‘Why did we visit this awful hotel. I got only one star and a review that was very negative.’
‘I looked at what they charged for a room, just wanted to be economical.’
‘Economical?’ she spit the word out with disgust ‘on our honeymoon?’
The footsteps beneath them became louder. Now Danny could get a glimpse of the couple walking underneath them. He gasped for air. They were exactly alike. Danny and Patricia doing the same arguing they did a few minutes before. This was a time trap. After the wedding soon the funeral would follow.

Ghost email – short story

The email was received on the 18th of July 2022. Inspector Malone had the ventilator on full speed. It was hot as hell in his office. They supposed to be air conditioned but through budget cuts it never happened.
He opened his old computer (more budget cuts) with a sigh and waited till the old beast finally started up. He made a big deal out of it to check his mail first.
He found a strange one with the subject: Murder case Ellie Fisher.
The inspector never heard about that murder case. He hoped it wasn’t ransomware. But he overcame his suspicions and clicked on it. The screen went black, then a video started playing. A girl in her twenties who suffered a shot in the belly pressed frantically on a laptop keyboard. She was filming herself. A masked man stepped up behind her and finished her with a head shot. Blood splattered on the screen. He touched a button and turned down the laptop. The screen went black again. Malone was baffled. Was this someones idea of a bad joke?
How could this email be sent to him after the murder had taken place.
He talked with Eldridge about the strange occurrence. He was his senior colleague.
‘It is possible to schedule a mail to be sent on a later date,’ he said.
Malone drank his coffee and went back to his office. He searched the database for an Ellie Fisher.
He came up with a name. She lived in town. Her parents were well known to him. They used to go to a cabin in the summer. Daniel Fisher was an old school friend of his. Malone always let him copy his homework.

He decided to question the Fishers about their daughter. He drove his old police vehicle to the nice suburb of Pendleton, Oregon. The Fishers were home. Daniel was mowing the lawn.
‘Malone, you old devil, great to see you here,’ Daniel said amicably.
‘Daniel, I am here on police related business. Could you please phone your daughter to see that see is alright? I didn’t get any answer.’
‘She isn’t in trouble, is she?’
‘She didn’t do anything illegal if you mean that, but I believe she could be in danger.’
Daniel turned pale, trembling he got his mobile out of his pocket and fast-dialed a number.
‘It’s her voicemail,’ he said anxious ‘she never turns her cell off.’
‘Maybe the battery is drained. I’ll take a ride over there and see of she is alright,’ Malone said ‘don’t be worried. I’ll call you back as soon I have more info.’

It took not long to reach the shaggy rental house where Ellie lived. He pressed the bell. An old lady opened the door.
‘You have to speak up, sonny, I am deaf as a bat,’ she crowed.
Malone showed his police ID and asked were Ellie’s room was.
‘Third floor, door B1,’ the old lady answered with a crackled voice.
Malone ascended the stairs, getting his gun ready. He saw the door to room B1 stood open. He went in and saw the massacre. Ellie lay dead on the floor in front of her laptop. Flies were already all over the place. Through the heat the stench of decay was unbearable.
Malone quickly went through the room wearing rubber gloves. He found a closet and opened it. There was man’s clothing present too. He let his hands glide through all the pockets and hit a surprise. A business card with the name Kyle Ellis popped out.
He called on the white suits of the technical division and alarmed his superior. He said he would investigate on this Kyle Ellis.
‘Malone, you should have back up.’
‘I can’t wait this long. He could decide to take a run for it.’
‘But procedures must be followed.’
‘In a perfect world maybe,’ Malone answered ‘wish me luck, Sir.’

He had the address of the business card. He drove like hell but refused to put the sirens on. He never understood why people used them. You alerted the perp with it.
He reached a construction company. It was called Ellis Inc. He stepped out of his car and entered the building. He showed his ID to the receptionist and asked where he could find Ellis.
‘Why he left a half an hour ago.’
‘Where did he go?’
‘To his private plane, he has an airstrip all to himself,’ in her voice sounded envy.
‘Tell me where, please, I am in a hurry.’

Malone broke all speed limits and got flashed by a camera. He arrived just in the nick of time. The plane was already moving. He took out his gun and waved with it to a scared pilot. The engines fell still. He saw a blonde passenger pull a gun himself and started threatening the pilot.
Malone fired. Ellis was hit in his shoulder and dropped the gun.
The police inspector entered and cuffed the moaning suspect.
‘I am arresting you for murder, buddy, you have the right to remain silent and ask for a lawyer.’
‘That bitch got what she deserved. She was cheating on me.’
‘With a personality as yours, who can blame her,’ Malone answered sharply.

Malone was promoted to chief-inspector and didn’t have to pay the fines for reckless driving. He got a reprimand for going in alone but it was more for show than anything else. Ellis was guilty beyond a doubt. The bastard confessed.
Malone would never forget this strange case.

The love machine – a short story

2150 – sex was official a thing from the past. It didn’t last because it caused to much problems. So the nice, intelligent people of SoftTeck had brought something on the market that would completely substitute the carnal pleasures of the flesh.

The love machine looked like one of those eighties arcade games. It had a couple of buttons and a joystick. You could set it to male or female. Then you could indicate you were gay, lesbian our heterosexual. They were striving to broaden the experience to the whole lgbtq++ community.
The machine had an inflatable rod posturing outside it. The cabin was curtain closed. Their was also a hole where you could rest your man-thing. You used your credit card to activate the machine. And their you went. Penetration, both vaginal as anal, a blowjob. The machine produced it and was set to your preferences. It could get wild and do things hard, or gently.
Their was also a mouthpiece where you could stick your tongue in. The machine would kiss you with it’s artificial tongue. The tongue could also be extended for oral sex with the pussy. After the deed gestation took place. After a relaxing music, if you choose, you could go for the baby option. A freshly spawned infant rolled out of the back of the machine. Crying and needing attention. You could even set it for twins our triplets, the gender preference was completely modifiable.

People were happy with less fuzz. It was cheap and everything got his needs fulfilled. It democratized sex in itself. There were a lot of single parents. And only the very old reminisced on the time nature was involved in making babies.

Not another vampire (2) – a short story

You can read the first part of the story clicking the link above.

And now we proceed with the conclusion of this story:

Merlin saw himself outnumbered. He couldn’t possibly defeat all those vampires. Pressing his staff against the ground he created a force field around him. Nemesis however started draining the energy. It wouldn’t hold for long. And Nemesis became stronger in the mean time.
Merlin chanted an ancient incantation. One with dire consequences. Summoning the dead was necromancy, a dark art from which he always had refrained. But now he needed manpower.
Mist suddenly appeared. In the shroud human figures where visible, advancing fast. It was King Arthur and his army.
Merlin recognized his long deceased friend and yelled fetch. He threw Excalibur to King Arthur who caught it with ease riding his elegant steed.
The ensuing battle was locked. Vampires were not known in the middle ages and a lot of the knights of the round table had a difficult time besting them. Merlin dropped the force field and said to Nemesis:’ now it’s just between you and me witch.’
‘Have at it, old fool, my powers outmatch yours.’
They stared at each other. Lighting started to erupt around them. Things began to float. They moved the battle to the fourth dimension on the Astral Plane. The fate was the survival of their minds.
Nemesis transformed into a fierce dragon. Merlin choose a different form. He became a ironclad knight with a lance, his foaming stallion scraped his hoofs. He galloped away. The dragon breathed fire but Merlin dodged the attack. He gained speed and brought his lance forward.
The dragon took a swipe with his tail. The horse fell to the ground, panicking and neighing.
Merlin stood up weary, his armor was heavy. He transformed himself into a giant. With his club he tried to crush the dragon’s skull. But it was too thick.
Eventually Merlin decided to hit the soft belly with a staggering blow.
Nemesis returned to her vampire form. She unleashed lightening bolts on Merlin who also regained his old appearance. He fell to the translucent floor amidst the stars.
‘And now, old man, I will feast on your blood making me even more powerful.’
She planted her teeth in Merlin’s neck and sucked the blood up eagerly.
Then she twitched, grabbed her stomach and threw up.
‘What did you do?’
‘Vervain, I turned my blood into a deadly poison for vampires.’
He stood up. His right hand glowing, with his most powerful attack he disintegrated the weakened Vampire Queen.’

Back in the third dimension he saw Arthur and his knights had slain all the vampires. Excalibur was dripping with black blood.
‘I see you in the afterlife, my friend,’ Arthur laughed and he and his army drove away in the mist to return to the mythical island Avalon.
Merlin sat on a bench. He was exhausted. The transformation from his blood to poison had been tricky. A homeless man sat down next to him and asked: ‘hey buddy, are you going to stay here long? This is my bed you know.’
Merlin grinned and fetched his purse. He brought up a golden coin.
‘If you exchange this by a jeweler you’ll be able to rent a hotel room.’
‘Are you kidding me? That’s supposed to be real gold?’ the hobo said suspicious.
‘Very well,’ Merlin sighed ‘escort me to the closest jeweler, I’ll get you the money myself.’
Merlin thought of booking a room too. He could use a good night’s sleep.

Not another vampire (1) – a short story

All but extinct the night crawlers scoured the street in search of food. An evening clock was instated. Martial law was declared. But New York didn’t fair well.
Units armed with UV-light generators mimicking sun rays who are deadly for vampires, armed with stakes to plunge to their unholy hearts and garlic grenades where searching for the enemy.
By the end of the year their casualties had mounted to ten thousand. Nobody signed up for duty in the military anymore; It was like suicide. The leader of the coven of Vampires was called Nemesis. She was almost three thousand years old and a crafty witch.
But he had one lethal foe.
Merlin the Mage was immortal. Hearing from how things went in New York he took the boat to America. Since all airports had been closed due the infestation it was the only means of reaching the city from England. It had been an ardent task to smuggle Excalibur on board. The magical sword once held by King Arthur was the only potent weapon against Nemesis.
The Vampire had become immune against sun, garlic and stakes through the heart wouldn’t work anymore.
Setting foot on the shore he we walked to Saint-Mary’s. A church where Nemesis resided to mock the so called fear for the crosses in the building.
Under way he got attacked by several vampires. He had gone in the night, not a clever time to be travelling but Excalibur would ward off the evil just fine. Slaying them one by one the bearded wizard reached his destination.
‘Foolish magician,’ a voice whispered ‘are you coming to best me. Well try your hardest then.’
‘Nemesis, show yourself you despicable cretin,’ Merlin shouted.
Out of the shadows a woman with long grey hair stepped. His eyes were flaming red, fangs glittered in the moon.
With superhuman speed, her cloak flashing behind him when she attacked.
Merlin threw a lightening ball stopping the creature’s advance.
‘I will summon my army, old fool,’ Nemesis said, flames of the attack smoldering on her jacket.
From every nook and cranny a vampire appeared called by the telepathic command of their master.
Merlin got a grim look on his wrinkled face and took his battle stance, holding Excalibur high.

To be continued…

High school reunion – a short story

He dreaded this day. He wanted to forget everything about high school. He ran in to old acquaintances at the banquet. Jezus, Mary had gotten fat and plain looking. She had been the princess of the home coming ball. Mark put on a lot of weight too, and he was growing bald.
Then he saw him standing their enjoying a glass of champagne. Trevor Stone.
They had been best friends and played on the school football team. But he vowed never to see him again. Trevor seemed to recognize him and waved him towards him.
‘That’s a long time, old sport, how have you been doing?’
‘Great, I work in the mining business now,’ I said not comfortable and hesitantly.
‘Yes, I imagine you do. You were always good with a shovel.’
A poke in his ribs. Trevor was drunk. This promised nothing good.
‘How would Mary be, just skin and bones I reckon,’ Trevor continued.
‘Be quiet you damn fool,’ he hissed.
‘Aw, Bruce, don’t be like that. You liked her pussy as much as I did.’
‘It was wrong. We were drunk.’
‘That won’t hold much wait in court. We probably get twenty to life in jail.’
‘Why, after all these years would you come clean?’
‘I am an alcoholic, my conscience has been eating me alive. Sure, I am an excellent hedge-fund manager. But life is hollow.’
‘Come with me, we talk outside. I need a smoke anyway.’
They went to the back of the school. Bruce lighted up and offered Trevor one.
‘No, thanks I did quit.’
He scanned the area. There were no witnesses, everybody was inside.
Bruce plunged a knife in Trevor’s chest. He took it with him because he had a feeling he would be needing this tonight.
‘You can rot in jail but I won’t stand for it,’ Bruce mumbled.
He took a shovel for the second time out of the maintenance shed of the concierge and started digging a grave. This night was a disaster but in a way a relief. The last string that connected him with his past was gone now. Just pushing up daisies.