I put up walls – a poem

The walls erected,
defending me
to the cruelty of life,
it’s unforgiving character.

They come tumbling down,
completely overrun,
the end of my fun
and deep belief of safety.

I don’t dream anymore.
Slavery has nestled in my mind,
I turn blind,
I don’t have hopes.

The captors laugh it of,
one more innocent to humiliate,
sins that inflate,
I prey to my God it’s not too late.&

Spider man versus the Siniter Six part 2 – a short story

‘We have him on the ropes, doc,’ Goblin grinned ‘but that Venom has to be eliminated.’
‘An alien symbioth would serve my purposes well,’ Otto Octavius answered ‘I’ll try to hit two birds with one stone.’
Octopus took a sound gun out of his private arrangement of weapons and aimed it at Eddy Brock. He pulled the trigger. A high pitch sound wave blasted the alien costume making it disconnect form it’s host.
‘Like stealing candy from a baby,’ Octopus grinned.
Electro and Sandman had completely demolished the shop were Spider man was hiding. But now they got a taste of their own medicine. Violence. The webslinger’s web shooter covered Max Dillon’s face making him lose control over his electric powers. He hit Sandman who turned to glass by the heat of the electric charges.
‘Dammit Electro, look out what your doing,’ Sandman screamed.
‘That’s just it, that filthy web doesn’t make me see shit and I can’t tare it off.’
Vulture and Goblin soared through the sky wanting to finish Spider man off. Vulture used his blaster, Goblin rockets mounted on his glider.
‘Come to me alien symbioth, together we will do magnificent things,’ Otto said in a sweet manner.
The alien immediately wrapped himself around an unconscious Eddie making him revive. Web shot out of his fists. It took hold of the mechanical arms of Octopus. With a giant snap they came off, disarming Octopus.
Mysterio had kept himself on the background of the battle. He was using illusions to keep himself invisible but Venom detected him effortlessly and but a crack in his fishbowl helmet.
‘Make this labyrinth go away or I’ll rip you to shreds and feast on your brain,’ Venom hissed.
Mysterio released more gas and the impenetrable maze that held Spider man captured disappeared.
Spider man had just one web shooter functional and had to choose between Goblin and Vulture discarding their heavy armament. He hit the glider from the Green Goblin, yanking it in the path of the Vulture.
‘What’s out what you doing, idiot,’ Vulture cursed.
‘Me, it’s you who is hindering me, old fool,’ Goblin yelled ‘you should be in a geriatric ward instead of being in battle.’
‘You take that back, or I’ll destroy you.’
Goblin and Vulture began an air assault against each other.
‘I love it when the bad guys fight with each other,’ Spider man panted.
‘Thank me web head, I saved you today. And someday I want compensation for what I did,’ Venom shouted.
‘If it doesn’t involve murdering innocents I will consider it, Eddie,’ Spider man said ‘If you excuse me now, I have to go home and patch myself up.’
‘Do so, I’ll keep these losers further occupied. Without eating their brains. Not that their would be lot’s to eat,’ Venom grinned his awful smile.

Group of sparrows

You’ll always have the dominant ones,
highest in the pecking order.
Eating first,
chasing away competition.
It’s the law of nature,
strength gives right to many things.
The females are impregnated with seed many times,
not knowing from who will be the hatch-lings.
It’s a hard, unforgiving world,
devoid of mercy.
They need food and water,
even in times of major drought.
That’s why they are always in a hurry,
they have to cater to their needs,
there meal isn’t store-bought.


So the desert rats crawled from under their rocks,
sending shocks
trough the civilized world.
No future anymore for a woman to behold,
the freedom was short-lived.
Maybe we could have them sniffed,
out like a candle.
If we leave the governing to them,
they’ll make a mess of it;
The real question is when,
and how many people are going to end up in shit.
Food prices exploding,
jobs hard to find.
The system is imploding,
that can even see a blind.
Nobody acknowledges them as true rulers,
aid stays put,
a bunch of foolers,
making us believe their evil operation is shut.

Spiderman versus The Sinister Six – a short story

The gang of thugs known as The Sinister Six had a rotating roster. One of the more permanent members till his death and after his resurrection was doctor Octopus. A vengeful scientist with four metallic arms etched to his body. Capable of tearing apart things, throwing them with great velocity. He really was into electronics. But his latest achievement he had made in biochemistry. A field of research he had pursued since he impersonated Spider man by taking over his body.

‘I call her Lava Girl, she’ll make a fine member of this ragged bunch,’ he said proudly.
‘Excuse me I don’t share in your bliss, Otto, but how do we know we can trust this girl?’ The Vulture asked, he was one of the senior members always challenging doctor Octopus. Adrian Toomes had developed a flight suit gravely increasing his strength and earning him his name.

‘Why I created her, she is my faithful assistant. Take a bow, dear. These are your comrades in arms,’ Otto commanded.
Lava Girl complied.
‘Well, she sure is hot,’ Electro grinned. Electro or Max Dillon was a living dynamo of electricity able to manipulate, store and emit it.
‘And this is the master of illusions, Mysterio.’
‘He has a bowl on his head,’ Lava Girl noticed.
‘Yes, I am aware he dresses odd,’ Otto replied ‘last but not least we have the Green Goblin. That ratchet wall-crawlers arch-nemesis and Sandman, a creature capable of turning into sand. He can do amazing things.’
‘All right, Octavius, enough of the sweet talk. What can she do exactly?’ Sandman asked.
‘Do it Lava Girl, show us your powers,’ the Green Goblin added laughing insanely.
The girl opened her hand, a ball of scolding hot magma formed, she lunged the fireball to the bar completely setting it on fire. The metal tabs for the beer were melting.
‘Hey, I was still thirsty,’ Electro complained.
‘Time for drinking lies past us, gentlemen, I give you all a communication device. Scour the city. Find Spider man and alert us, we will hang up on him and destroy that pesky spider once and for all,’ doctor Octopus commanded.

Why you call it the Sinister Six, we are with more.’ Lava Girl asked.
‘Don’t concern your pretty little head about the team’s size, Lava Girl, just be on the look out for a blue and red man in tights pretending to be a spider. You’ll probably catch him in the air firing his infernal web,’ Otto Octavius instructed his protegee.
The one who first spotted Spider man in the Bronx was Sandman.
‘The bug is here, he is trying to stop a mugger.’
‘Wait for us to arrive, Sandy’ Electro answered ‘I want to fry his intestines.’
‘Screw that, if your late it’s your own fault, I am taking first dibs on that freak,’ Sandman said.
He turned into a gigantic creature of sand, with a stone hard outstretched arm he tried to squash Spider man. But his faithful Spider Sense alerted him to the danger making him dodge the attack.

‘Sandman, are you finally out of jail. You just dying to get back in, I can tell.’ Spider man answered with a joke.
Mysterio had arrived. His hallucinogenic gasses transformed the street into a labyrinth of walls.
Spider man was now separated of his attackers and couldn’t see them.
‘Lava Girl, your turn, fry him,’ Octavius said ‘my arms are fireproof, I’ll take him in a nice hold so you can perform your task.’
His arms stretched out rapidly and starting choking the Spider. Lava Girl formed another ball of hot magma and thew it to Spider man. He became badly burned.
Electro fired his electricity bolts from above. Vulture and Goblin bombarded the area with their grenades and pumpkinbombs.
‘He surely is done for, now,’ Green Goblin laughed ‘at last that infernal Spider is dead.’
Out of the blazing fire a man stepped, barely able to keep himself straight up. It was Spider man, he had burning wounds and his costume was all torn up.

Sandman hit him with a concrete fist, catapulting him in a store.
Electro blasted it with electricity. Lava Girl threw magma at it. Her hair a smokey cloud while she raised her body temperature. The store was demolished.
‘Leave the Spider to me, I am the Lethal Protector, you rodents, and I am here to protect,’ suddenly I chilling voice spoke.
The Sinister bunch turned their attention to the newcomer. It was Venom, Eddie Brock, failed reporter wrapped in an alien suit. Also not one of Spider man greatest fans. His green drool slipped from his long tongue, revealing razor sharp teeth.
‘Team, destroy him too, nobody will deny us our vengeance,’ doctor Octopus commanded.
Vulture and Goblin descended throwing their lethal projectiles.. Electro hit the symbiotic alien head on, it made him barely flinch.
Lava Girl blasted him with fire; The alien suit cried out in agony. Fire and sound were his weaknesses.
‘Good, I am gonna start with you, you definitely are the most dangerous one of these clowns,’ Venom spoke.
His organic webbing caught Lava Girl in a net. He quickly swung hit through the air making her land hard against a wall. She was unconscious right away.
‘Get him, my Sinister Six,’ Otto cried furious.

To be continued…

Cutting the oak – a poem

For some crocked reason ― I can’t remember which ― I was uprooted from the forest.
They sew me down.

With their nasty chainsaws running on this dirty petrol.

I was two hundred years old.

How old are they?

Just children playing with toys. Destroying for the fun of it.

Don’t you call it a job. It’s taking your spray can and marking X on perfectly sane trees.
You are doing it deliberate,
no debate about it.

Anarchistic assholes getting high on your power.
Where would you be without oxygen?

In the ground that’s where.

Like manure, left to rot.

Maybe I want a shot,
of your decomposed body.

To grow tall again,
touch the sun
and swallow the water.

Through hell – a poem

Nancy Pelosi had a right to visit Taiwan,
to place the people in danger she had not.
China is attacking the country,
with all the firepower available.
All for a phony stay,
were US swears to protect Taiwan,
while it barely can muster an army,
to hold out till day one.
This is started,
the Third World War.
Peace died,
soon the food supplies will run out,
people will scream and shout,
the cities will starve.
The strait of Taiwan one of the busiest trade routes,
Taiwan creator of computer chips,
that won’t ship.
If the Chinese boot crushes them,
it’s a dire situation for the democratic West.
Russia will exploit the situation,
increasing their strength.
There are one and a halve billion Chinese,
many loyal to the Communist Party.
Do the math,
and make such visits not foolhardy.

Sleeping peaceful – a poem

Snoring peaceful in your embrace,
feeling the delicate lace
of your underwear,
I swear, it’s heaven.
Every night is when,
I do get to visit it.
The place makes me horny as shit.
But the tiredness envelopes my body,
making me see,
you are in bed with me
to rest, honey.
I nestle myself under your arm,
smelling your perfume.
We keeping each other warm,
the night singing a romantic tune.

Wine and dine – a poem

We chose to wine and dine,
in that little bar where we met.
We were getting in line,
waiting for our table to get set.
Nobody thought of reservations,
life and it’s serious complications.
We were young,
in love with each other deeply.
We have way to our emotions freely.
You laughed at my silly joke,
I rescued you when the hamburger made you choke.
We were there for each other,
it’s a wonder this place is still here.
After fifty years I hardly did even bother,
but what are fifty years mere,
just some random number,
awakened from our slumber
of marital bliss.
With a kiss we wake up to this.

Abbey – a poem

The age old abbey was threatened,
by the vegetation drying up.
The cows seek in vain for some grass to eat.
Even water to give to the animals to drink grew scarce.
Wars would be fought over water,
plunging the world in an ever darker hole.
But the abbot prayed for a miracle,
“make it rain, dear Lord.”
Then came the heatwave which lasted a couple of weeks.
Records were broken,
cattle died.
There are seven prosperous years and seven poor ones, the bible teaches us.
we have had the prosperous already.

Too much to choose – about life

I’ve got Streamz (mostly Belgian series), Netflix (the episodes of the Flash make it worth it while) , Amazon Prime (love the Vampire Diaries) and Disney + (for Marvel series).

There is lot’s to choose from. A virtual smorgasbord of series and movies.

I count myself lucky. I used to read a lot but now I prefer watching streams with my VR-goggles on more.

It’s really amazing to witness it on such a big screen in what’s actually not at all a big device.

I used to be into Pirate Bay, even when the witch hunt commenced. I used a VPN-blocker. My favorite country to operate from was Switzerland. There legislation is the best. It’s pretty hard pressing charges to a single individual.

But it’s like life is, I grew up and quit the illegal stuff.

I like the tranquility it offers me. Sure there are bills to pay and I miss sometimes the thrill of the hunt. But I think it’s all for the best.

President of the society – a poem

She was only made president of the society,
because she couldn’t whistle with her toes.
She loved to held speeches,
everybody got bored
tried to caught a nap.
Her cakes she baked for the annual event were crap,
nobody wanted the position.
Too much responsibility and hard work.
The people attending barely knew how to use a fork.
So, she was voted president,
for her it was a present.
But it was just an empty box with cheap wrapping paper.

Your money or your life – a short story

It was on a rainy afternoon. I took a shortcut leading me trough a narrow street. The man came up to me flashing a gun.
‘Your money or your life.’
‘Take my life, please. It won’t be considered suicide. My soul will go to heaven and you’ll burn in hell.’
‘What are you, some religious nut?’
‘No, I am divorced three times, have maxed out credit cards and two mortgages. The bank will soon go for foreclosure.’
‘I am not here to listen to sad stories, I am not a psychiatrist. Give me something, or I’ll put a bullet in your brain,’ the mugger said really menacing.
‘I’ll do one step forward so you have a better aim.’
I came closer.
The mugger was baffled.
‘Man, you are sure crazy as hell. I am outta here.’
He started running leaving me alone.
‘I rather he had killed me,’ I sighed and followed my way through this depressing city.

A sample of your love – a poem

It’s just something I can’t get enough of,
the sample of your love.
You taking care of the turmoil in my soul,
making me whole.
It can’t be it’s just coincidence,
I see the tears condense.
When I am crying on your shoulder,
you make me push that boulder
upon that steep hill,
love me you always will.
I am so glad we have met
and wed,
I’ll like to spent the rest of my life with you,
a magic spell
that no one can undo.

Divorce – a poem

I didn’t mean to leave you,
the woman that I screw,
She is just entertainment.
It doesn’t mean anything,
just a way to release stress.
Please don’t take the children; you’ll soften them up.
They’ll get as brittle as a teacup.
I’ll pay alimony, but I want something in return.
Weekly visits, just having fun.
Don’t listen to your attorney.
That fat pig is an atrocity.
If you ignore my letters,
I’ll settle the affairs in my own way.
It will be perfect for none of us,
but the die is cast.
Without delay, without making a fuzz,
I’ll outlast you such.

The island – a poem

After a shipwreck, he was a castaway on an island. He got his bearings; it must be somewhere near Africa.
The diet of monkeys and coconuts was pure torture. Ever tasted a monkey? It’s disgusting.
The first month he started talking to himself,
the conversations weren’t friendly.
He discovered he wasted his life on coke, alcohol, and easy women.
Determined to leave this dreaded place, he started building a vessel.
But the work went slow, and he felt his strength leaving him.
He decided to put a message in a bottle that maybe would be found.
‘Dear reader, pay heed to your life; it can end anytime.
Collect everything you can get from it. I wish I had had the chance.’
His body was found by an angler’s boat a year later.

Good and evil

The twin was alike.
They had the same manners and same looks.
But the one grew up cruel,
while the other remained true to goodness.
At the age of twenty, Ivan was already a cutthroat,
Pjotr became a priest.
One evening, Pjotr was traveling from the monastery to the town.
There Ivan stood, holding a sharp knife.
Your money or your life, dear brother, he said.
‘Have mercy with a poor monk, brother.’
‘No, God has no place in heaven for me, so I do not need his servant.’
Pjotr was stabbed to death and fell from his donkey. Ivan searched him.
He tore off a cross and spat on it.
Faith is for the feeble; bless the meek because they’ll drench the earth in blood.