Too much to choose – about life

I’ve got Streamz (mostly Belgian series), Netflix (the episodes of the Flash make it worth it while) , Amazon Prime (love the Vampire Diaries) and Disney + (for Marvel series).

There is lot’s to choose from. A virtual smorgasbord of series and movies.

I count myself lucky. I used to read a lot but now I prefer watching streams with my VR-goggles on more.

It’s really amazing to witness it on such a big screen in what’s actually not at all a big device.

I used to be into Pirate Bay, even when the witch hunt commenced. I used a VPN-blocker. My favorite country to operate from was Switzerland. There legislation is the best. It’s pretty hard pressing charges to a single individual.

But it’s like life is, I grew up and quit the illegal stuff.

I like the tranquility it offers me. Sure there are bills to pay and I miss sometimes the thrill of the hunt. But I think it’s all for the best.

Second-guessing – about life

I am the Champion of second-guessing only discover that my first gut feeling was spot on. In a way humanity thrives on instinct more than on Reason. The wisdom encoded in our DNA makes it easier to navigate through a hostile world.

Not all people have your best interests at heart. Uncovering their intentions can be a matter of trusting your instincts. There is nothing sadder then a good person being corrupted by an evil one.

Life is no endless party. We are second-guessing Faith too. But with what do we replace it?

We life in an age of decadence. But the time this will all end is near. China will make the US pay for it’s visit to Taiwan. The Russians will continue to pillage Ukraine.

We have had the peace of our time. What comes next will be a serious threat. No need to be second-guessing their intentions, they all made that perfectly clear. China will evade Taiwan and the US hasn’t got the manpower to do something about it. The West will crumble. Europe is no way prepared to face the Russians alone.

Climate change is lurking on the back burning every year more vegetation. We are spiraling towards darker times.

I wouldn’t want to put a grandchild on this world right now.

Overslept – about life

You know when your alarm clock goes off, you forget to press snooze and think a couple of minutes of going back to bed will do the trick. Don’t. I overslept today. That’s why my blog is considerably smaller today and I haven’t replied to everyone I should have. I promise I’ll be back tomorrow on my regular hour.

I need my four hours of sleep. If I try to steal more from that it goes wrong. I was binge watching the Flash on Netflix (anything superhero related will do that to me) when I noticed it was already after midnight.

So I’ll hope to be in a better state tomorrow. We have a lot of visits planned today so I can’t post in the meantime.

I hope you all have a nice day!

Balanced – about life

I never really think about how vulnerable I am. If the pharmacist hasn’t got my pills in stock for a while it sinks in. Usually she has replacements. But it’s always an anxious moment to figure out if they will work as good as the old ones. You wouldn’t suspect in a country like Belgium this could happen.

But it’s pretty common. There are patients with Crohn’s disease, something very painful at your intestines who couldn’t get any proper medication for a while.

I am afraid of a global war breaking out. Supplies will run out. With all these cities in need of food and water it would be an utter disaster. That’s why I hope Russia will back off soon. But they are bend on committing even more war crimes.

I ask myself which line will have to be crossed before the Western World comes into action.

In any case I am thankful on a daily basis I still have my medication keeping me relatively sane.

Friends – about life

I walk this earth for forty years and learned one important lesson. Friends can be poison if not selected with care.

Some will just abandon you in dire times. Others will plunge you in misery to numb their own pain.

It happened all to me. I am not as trusting as before.

One important lesson is: friends you can’t buy.
Spreading cash around attracts parasites not genuine friends.

Friendship is also something that grows with a lot of trust over a longer period of time. If you can’t wait for that to happen, buy a dog.

To be able to be yourself is also important. If you always have to act a role, it is very tiresome and frustrating. Splitting yourself in half is never a good idea.

Also refrain from one-way relationships. It’s okay to help a friend in need. But if you can’t count on his or her support from time to time it isn’t a healthy relationship.

I hope you have amazing friends, they can be better than family since you get to pick them.

Freedom of speech – about life

People have literally died to protect our right to the freedom of speech. It’s under attack right now. Even authors don’t escape the crusade of the so called righteous. Books are being banned. We can’t tell tales anymore of people we have nothing in common with. Censors are back. Cartoonists have to fear for their life because terrorists hunt them. We are living in backwater times. But that’s what history is, an ever moving pendulum between freedom and slavery.

If you go to vote, do it well informed. Some politicians have no other desire than to cling to power. Also all kind of activists, lobby groups and other bands of discontents can threaten you with lawsuits.
Just because you open your mouth and state your opinion.

Try to be conservative, see how long you survive on Twitter.

Now they have spam bots to wreak more havoc, trolling people into oblivion.

Never be afraid to let your voice heard. It’s better to cry to the deaf than to become blind for cruelty.

What has happened to politics?? — Opher’s World

I think we can trace it right back to 9/11. When the planes flew into the World Trade Centre the world changed. We were going along quite nicely – standard of living was good, we were getting on top of racism. Progress was slow but we were heading in the right direction. 9/11 and the […]

What has happened to politics?? — Opher’s World

Choosing to change – about life

It took me a while to discover everything I didn’t want to change I was choosing.

I live isolated because if prefer to be alone. I get uncomfortable with people around me; Yet I want to be more social but it was my choice to say to myself: ‘I’ll start right on it tomorrow.’
This had to change.

First I ordered a new dog. I like something to care for and our daily walks will force me outside again.

Secondly, I asked for help of a mobile unit who are specialized in psychological support. They’ll prep me to go outside and meet people.

If something in your life is bothering you, don’t lament it. Self pity hasn’t helped anybody. Don’t postpone it, just take action.

Life is to short to have things you hate but that are in your grasp to change.

Things you can’t change on the other hand you have to accept as the boundaries life puts on a human.

But learn to differentiate between the two.

Buddhism – about life

You can’t order fate. He who thinks he is safe, is only fooling himself. She who believes happiness lasts forever deluding herself.

Life consists for 99% out of fate, and 1% out of free will.

You can have a healthy lifestyle and die tomorrow in a car crash.

I deal with these uncertainties true the teachings of Buddha. He had a very peaceful approach to the evil in the world. He gained this through meditation and a single act of kindness. A farm girl offered him a rice cookie after he was starving himself to death with constant meditation.

It set him on path to great fame. He died among followers, a temple he had raised. From all the faiths this is the most peaceful one. And it deals with the pain in life as something no primordial god has ordained but as something that has to be tolerated as it’s from a passing nature. He believed in Nirvana, the state of utter enlightenment. He tried to teach is disciples the way to achieve it.

In Tibet an incarnation of Buddha is still believed to roam the earth. He is found, taken in the monastery, and named Dalai Lama. He then is taught to become the next leader of the Buddhists. But this tradition is on the verge of changing trough China’s aggressive tactics to let infiltrate an agent of theirs in the monastery.

Anyway, practicing Buddhism can be very rewarding. It soothes the soul.

Hi, guys I take a break because I have Covid – about life.

My dad infected me. Living with three persons in a tiny house was asking for problems. My head is bursting open and I have a fever. As soon as I better I will regain posting on my site.

I managed I tiny poem:

Head like cheese,
full of holes.
Fever makes the heatwave chilly.
I thought I wouldn’t get it,
but the virus got me.
How long will we have to live with this disease.
Today the world seems to exist only out of problems.

Falling asleep – about life

I remember when I still went to junior high. My dad came home early after a long day of hard working as an industrial electrician. He decided to take a hot bath.

I went to check on him. He was asleep in the bathtub with foam everywhere and the water dangerously close to his mouth.

I didn’t leave the room, terrified. I even did my homework on the toilet besides the tub.

After many hours my mom returned home. I told her what happened. She decidedly let the water out of the tub. It had run cold. Dad lay shivering butt naked on the bottom of the tub.

He growled and started filling the bad again with hot water.

Afterwards he yelled why we didn’t’ wake him, he was all wrinkled. This is a childhood memory I will carry through all of my living days and seems rather funny now.

Video games – about life

I always have been more of a reader. But I am prone to develop new addictions. And video games seems to be the latest addition to the impressive row of cravings I gathered over the years.

Shadow Warrior 3 is especially time consuming because every time you manage to get further in the game you immediately see a new obstacle. And then you want to solve that puzzle too. Flying on a grappling hook in mid air may seem uplifting but if you have fallen to your death for the twentieth time it can be getting a tad annoying and frustrating.

Yesterday I spent a whole afternoon on the game in zombie mode for the rest of the family. They asked questions. I choose “yes” or “no” without giving it much thought.

I hope I can keep this under control. I spent way too much time on the laptop. Since I have my Virtual Reality goggles and a subscription on Amazon Prime and Netflix even more.

I can’t remember reading a chapter of a book. I did it years in a row. One after another. Where did the passion go? It all started with taking new medication. It must have done something to me.

Well, I might as well enjoy the ride, for as long as it lasts.

Covid spreads – about life

Granny got Covid and she infected my dad. We are expecting 40° Celcius. Not the ideal time to get ill. It’s so unfair. My dad finally felt a bit better after his trouble with his pancreas and now this.

We can’t isolate him in the house. It get’s incredibly got upstairs. Hopefully mom and me don’t get it. I feel fine for the moment. We really hate to go into quarantine for seven to ten days. Our food is running out. Mom goes to the pharmacy to pick up some tests. They were closed during the weekend. You could only reach those on guard duty but they could be far away and dad was to sick to drive. Mom and I don’t have a driver’s license.

It’s cynical he got this on my birthday party. I must say it was an original birthday present.

Granny probably got it on a party our of some people for who she repairs clothes. You just see that even with that so called carefree summer the virus still isn’t vanished.

Granny has Covid – about life

She didn’t feel well at our birthday party. My niece tested her on Covid. She was positive. We are not experiencing symptoms. But my grandmother is 82 years old and there is hot weather approaching. We are all scared to death something might happen to her. She is a wonderful woman, a saint actually. Always ready to help, kind, encouraging people. She used to talk for hours with her neighbor who had suicide thoughts. She mends clothes for the neighborhood and charging almost nothing. She is the glue that keeps the family together.

We will phone everyday and insist if the symptoms worsen she goes to the clinic right away.

My uncle is sick too. He is at the hospital, they don’t know what he has but he can’t walk anymore.

The last time it seems we are faced with a lot of tribulations. Maybe it has something to do with people around you growing old?

Midlife crisis – about life

I am forty now. My birthday was yesterday. I am middle aged, my youth is finally over. I mourn that fact. But I don’t think I’ll get a midlife crisis. I don’t feel the urge to buy a motorbike yet.

But you make up a balance of your life. In my case the second part should be better than the first. My problems with school, alcohol and drugs, phony friends, they all overshadow my past. So it can only go better from now on.

I got a soda stream maker for my birthday. A device for making sparkling water. It was the worst present ever. The gas canisters are almost immediately empty and they are hard to get rid off. Halve of the time the device doesn’t work and you have just tepid water.

The party was also a bummer. My granny felt ill. She didn’t even have a slice of cake. She has an itch in her throat caused by slime. They tried everything to remedy it. But to no avail.

So I have mixed feelings by this birthday. Maybe hitting forty-one will be better.

Time – about life

Do you have that feeling sometimes. That time is moving faster than you think.
I seem to lose hours as water drops through my fingers.
I get’s to bother me. Maybe I am sleeping to much. That’s what I miss about being manic, the endless supply of time. What I don’t miss is the suicide attempts and the feeling of insanity.

But sometimes it would come in handy to slow time a bit. Today I forgot to wish my dad happy birthday (mine was yesterday, granny came to visit). I was just to preoccupied with my blog.

So I feel a bit guilty of giving him the mandatory three kisses, congratulating him and wish him many more years.

If you feel the same about time, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

I never hear any gothic metal on the radio – about life

This get’s me angry. Always the same old crappy songs and meaningless hits of the days on the radio. I am a major fan of the Gothic genre. Floor Janssen and Nightwish alone are a sensation. I included one of her video clips of the best concert she has ever given on Wacken in 2013. She has an amazing voice and a lot of stamina. She never seems to run out of breath. She can reach high notes and is a beautiful woman to boost.

Hundred followers! – about life

When I started out with this blog I would never imagine having much followers. I didn’t think I got it in me to captivate such an audience. But today is finally the day for the three digit number.

I am overjoyed and determined to put even more work into my blog than before.

I wish to talk all you followers, and people that like my stuff and comment. I couldn’t have done it with out you. You’ll have a wonderful summer!

Mobile unit – about life

I took the applicant’s papers to my psychiatrist. She had to fill in the blanks.

To get rid of my fear of people I decided to get some professional help. People who come to talk with you and gently put you on your way to recovery.

I already had them over a couple of years ago and was very happy about their presence.

This time I want to go the extra mile and try to be more social. I know it will enrich my life.

If you have emotional problems don’t have fear to seek out help. That’s the only advice I can give you. And have patience. The quest for the ideal match can be long and tiresome. But a life full of grief is even worse.

Our new dog – about life

We are expecting our new dog on the twentieth of September. We already bought several dog attires. Since the death of Filien, or former dog their was a silence in this house that was depressing.

I need something to take care off. Two walks in a day will do me good. Coming outside more is especially on my to do list. Cocker Spaniels are gentle, obedient family dogs. I love her already.

It will be a turn around in my life. I will get up later. 4 AM is to soon for a puppy to be disturbed in her sleep. I’ll try to learn her some tricks. Like fetch the ball or give a paw.

We have experience with dogs so I don’t foresee many problems. The man selling the dogs is serious about his profession. That’s why he leaves them seven weeks with the mother before putting them up for sale. It’s a pedigree dog of the finest quality.

We will have many happy memories together and I can hardly wait till the day is there to go get her.

Writing on Prozac – about life

I take three Prozacs in the morning. It helps me get through the day. I am always a strong supporter for the right medication for the right person.

There can be side effects though. You can turn manic our get thoughts about suicide. But that’s just a minority.

I find it less difficult to express myself taking these drugs. It sparks my creativity.

Before life was an endless bore, it was hard to be enthusiastic about anything.

I tried counselling. It was an utter waste of time. It made me feel even worse.

Thanks to my psychiatrist who can lift you up with kind words and sound medical advice I feel alive again.

For everybody undergoing mental problems I implore you to reach out and seek help. It’s okay to ask for it. You are not weak because of it. It just means you want to improve your life.

Fish that help clean your aquarium – about life

Pesky algae, are you fed up with plants and your glass of your aquarium always being covered with them. Then I have the solution for you.

It’s a fish who’s diet consists of that menace. Their Latin name is Gyrinocheilidae. This algae eater likes to live solitary. He can sometimes stir up the dust on the sand of your aquarium. But these are minor flaws considering the work he will save you to keep your fish tank clean.

Just go to your favorite fish store and ask about them. Maybe they have them in stock or they can order it for you.

Save you a world of toiling to keep your fish tank algae free.

Instagram scammers – about life

It’s a plague. Those scammers on Instagram. For every message I place I get about eight people trying to get me to pay to put my message on their site. If it is their site that is. Success and exposure often aren’t guaranteed and they make money of your work.

For promoting poetry Instagram isn’t ideal. People want personal stuff. Reels are popular, messages not. It’s difficult making a reel about writing poem. No Instagram favors the visual not text.

A third obstacle is directing your followers to your blog via Instagram because you can’t add clickable links to your messages.

For me it’s a dying medium that will be completely placed out of the market by Tik Tok.

Facebook – about life

Facebook is a fossil,
it always has problems with my ads.
My poems don’t appear on my Facebook page.
The days of the giant are almost numbered,
other social media fight for control.
Tik Tok is on the march,
swallowing consumers from Zuckerberg.
I am not all together pleased with that,
it drew traffic to my site. But what you going to do about it?
I can’t help it if they become outdated. Their audience is getting older.
The news feed some people find bothersome. And the ads.
The tight algorithms impairing freedom of speech.
There were data leaks and scandals.
Facebook really had to thank this all on himself.