Asleep – a poem

She fell asleep in the bath,
I saw a rat.
Or bathroom was a waste,
the renovations to our wreckage had no haste.
In the rusty bathtub she was sleeping between flower petals.
Everything, the tubing, the metals, all worn down.
But her beauty remained.
I had often complained of dressing to sexy.
Jealousy I guess.
But I must confess,
I started to like it,
at parties she was a hit.
And I was hers,
her hair soft as kitten furs.
Eyes glancing at you with a delightful hue.
A smile from full lips,
perfect breasts,
perfect hips.
With touching chests,
we made love
all night and day
pull and shove.
We were both a love bird,
nesting in this home’s dirt.

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