Great expectations? – about life

My dad is slowly dying. We expect a dog in September. Are we trading new life while loosing an old one. It got me drinking again for a while. The constant relapses and visit to the clinics while dad is in soaring pain takes it’s toll.

I play a lot of video games to keep my mind off it. In the morning I make his coffee, put his pills on the table and his coffee cup. I hug him a lot. The end is near I fear. He isn’t eating anymore, the intervals between hospitalizations are becoming shorter.

His only option is surgery that will turn him into a diabetic. He isn’t up for that.

That damn pancreas won’t heal. He didn’t deserve it. The only thing he drank in his life were a couple of beers. They say alcohol is responsible for it. He should quit smoking too, but under these circumstances it’s easier said than done.

How do you cope with severe illness or loss of someone dear to you? Let me know in the comments, I sure could use some advise on the matter.


  1. My dad passed unexpectedly a few years ago… I can’t imagine having to watch him go in pain. I don’t know how to cope as much as I learned to live with the pain of not having him. I write about him often and miss him like crazy. Super sorry you’re having to go through this.

  2. The only thing that helps me cope is God, friends and time. I talk and talk and pray about it until I can’t talk anymore. And I ball my eyes out too..

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